Thursday, 19 November 2015

Blog Writing Tips - 1 - Have A Voice

Write original content. You can not just copy someone else's work and argue that it is yours if you do not want to lose the trust of potential customers.

So what do you think is going to happen when that person reads the article and finds nothing of value in it? For starters, they're going to be very disappointed in the content of the article. But more important than that, at least as far as YOUR credibility goes, they're unlikely to read any other articles that you put out. Why should they? After all, the one they DID read was about as useful as oxygen to a dead man.

Create a tentative title for your book. It's always the first step in any kind of writing. The title of your e-book helps you focus on your topic and guides you to the direction of your writing. Clever titles are a standout, but make sure that your titles don't border on cuteness.

The second title should be descriptive and must capture the essence or the central theme of your niche. The secondary title will be longer and should be a straightforward statement about the content of your book.

Additionally, I found their Web site extremely helpful. It's an easy read, easy to navigate through and they even offer Writing Tips! They have a wealth of invaluable information on the Web site that provided me with answers to almost every question I had in my head! Again, it's an awesome site! I think I visited their Web site almost every day as I was finishing up my manuscript. It was toward the wrap-up of my manuscript that I began to look at book publishing options and that's when I found Instant Publisher.

One example of a good statement is "Sales manager with more than 10 years success in increasing profits seeking position in the automobile sales industry." This resume objective is specific, targets the hiring company and shows how the individual would contribute. In this instance, using keywords or phrases directly from the job positing is good! It shows you've read the advertisement and understand what is wanted.

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